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A long time ago (2015) in a galaxy very, very near (this one)…

Chase, Drew, and Madison were becoming an inseparable trio brought together by a love for beer and board games. It was time for a new challenge: Dungeons & Dragons 5e. Chase convinced longtime friend Todd to DM for them. They played together with another dear friend Kyle for some time before Drew professed a general disinterest in the fantasy setting. Todd then admitted he was a bit bored of the system and would love to play a new system: the Star Wars RPG. 

They loved it immediately, eagerly awaiting each new session and playing for hours at a time in the studio behind Drew’s house. Eventually, Kyle had to leave the party. Another longtime friend, Nick, was happy to fill those shoes and meshed exceptionally with the dynamic of the party. 


They began recording some of their sessions just for fun. That fun gave way to serious discussions around producing an actual play podcast with all new characters. After a test session or two, they knew they had something special to offer an audience. The rest, as they say, is history!

Todd Aden

Galaxy Master

Todd Aden is a cool guy in his thirties. He’s a forever GM for various roleplaying groups. He has hot takes on any franchise you can imagine. He has three sisters but often refuses to name them while telling stories so you’re unable to identify them. He is not that into dogs. No one’s quite sure if he like Star Wars because Episode 2 is his favorite.


Write a bio for each team member. Make it short and informative to keep your visitors engaged.


Drew Schaffer

Kiera / Editor

The old man of the group, Drew is an Oregon native and a jack of all trades. Professionally he is a digital media swiss army knife, able to take on any project from video production to audio engineering to web design. He loves teaching and is always happy to share his skills. 

A long-time sci-fi lover, Drew was gifted the Star Wars special edition VHS tapes for Christmas around 1998 and wore them out quickly. He was resistant to tabletop role-playing games for years, until Chase finally convinced him to give it a shot – and he’s been hooked ever since. 

Drew lives in Portland with his wife, two big dumb dogs, and four cats.

Chase Robinson

Cannon / Editor

Chase is a 30-something who has lived in and around Portland, OR for about 20 years. The first movie he remembers seeing in theater was Empire Strikes Back. There was no turning back after that. 


He has always been interested in storytelling, so when he became obsessed with board games, moving on to Dungeons & Dragons was inevitable. His first character was, predictably, a murder hobo - Chase would like to think he’s improved his roleplaying in the years since. 


He used to play a lot of JRPGs but now he mostly spends his time reading, listening to podcasts, watching Gilmore Girls, and playing with his best friend: a black Aussie/Collie mix named Remus.


Madison Gallagher


Madison is a dude in his 30's, but he has the knees of an 80 year old and humor of a 13 year old. He has many interests including skiing, playing games, eating pizza, etc., but if you ask him to do any of those things he'll say "who's got the time?". Not very quick-witted, but when his wit does hit it crits. 

Madison is survived by his wife and daughter, cat, and his beloved dog, Pluto.

Nick Fox

Erebos / Freebos

Nick is a 29 year old professional clapper, born and raised in Oregon, with interests split between nerddom and music, he plays bass in multiple bands, and DMs and participates in TTRPGs weekly. His favorite Star Wars movie is Rogue One, and Padme was his first crush.

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